Father’s Day Surprise

Someone told Rhea that Father’s Day was a good day for family activities.  Unfortunately the only one she thought of was to jump the back wall again this morning.  Now that I am in practice I put on some proper shoes and managed to fetch her back.   I brought some treats to get past any reluctance of her to be picked up and it went rather easily.

I guess  I need to beef up the tree barrier, or she has another way entirely.

While I was over there I walked down the wall to see if there is a way back that doesn’t involve jumping the wall and there is a fence that a cat can pass through that leads into the locked RV park which then leads to the lane by the pool to the house.  I bet Julie knows that route if he jumped down from the wall.

Julie was out pretty late last night, which is becoming more rare.  He tends to come in early these days, then complains when I don’t let him out again.

All that escaping left her pretty tired the rest of the day.

At least Julie is up and awake.



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2 Responses to Father’s Day Surprise

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    That little scamp is going to keep you busy finding out how she gets over the wall.
    Julie has the sweetest face.


  2. Argh, now my blog roll has you stuck on Paranoia Sunday… Irritating!
    Catching up anyway. Ya know, that fencing looks like a great claw and toe hold for a climbing kitten, sorry to say. You might have made it easier for her! 😉
    In that first picture, she looks slightly irritated that you made her come home, poor sneaky girl!
    Love the Julie picture with the wide open eyes! He’s got such a kissable nose!


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