Crazy Whiskers and More

I was not kidding about the whiskers.

Little Rhea only has sensible whiskers.  However, here is a fun fact.  Did you know that her chin is not white?  It is instead the pale tabby pattern chin color similar to Julie’s.

Rhea loves this spring toy.  The will knock it across the house, carry it back in her mouth, and try and fish it out through the gaps in the basket.  Then she does it all again.

I had some outside time with Marshal Davout….

I was rustling through the bushes with a stick and Davout stood up…and stayed that way. For a long time!

This was actually the first shot, he stood up right out of frame.

As he stood there, I got the stick close and he even went on tippy toes and reached up for it.  It was crazy!

He will be evolving thumbs next!

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6 Responses to Crazy Whiskers and More

  1. SQUEEEE!! he looks like he’s wearing fluffy pajammas standing there!!! And those toe hawks that peek throught he front of his toes! And of course the WILD WHISKERS! holy smokes, too much cuteness!
    Rhea and that spring are pure cute too! You know you’re going to have to get her to look way up and get us a closer picture of that chin now, don’t you? 🙂


  2. kimkiminy says:

    Floofy cataloons!


  3. those whiskers/photos are just catabulous!


  4. Wow, standing on his hind feet.


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