Comfy Cozy

I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday and opened the box today.  So far I’ve seen two and a half cats in the box, and Julie about three different times.

I was trying to entice Davout with  a jingle ball but Rhea heard it from across the room.  Instead of coming up front she snuck around the furniture to a good vantage point.

Davout still cannot resist the camera strap.

Rhea peeking around the corner for the jingle ball…She looked really nice there with the fan blowing her fluff fur about and the back-lighting.

Cutie Pie!

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5 Responses to Comfy Cozy

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Love the photo of Julie in the box. Last photo-Rheas close up-beautiful face.


  2. weggieboy says:

    Never too old to enjoy a box…or a camera strap! As always, it is a joy to see what your cats are up to each day!


  3. I’m afraid to ask what half of what cat was in the box! MOL
    Oh my gosh, that last picture of Rhea! Absolutely Adorable! What a doll!


  4. All such cute little fuzzballs! *(trills)*


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