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Nice photo, right?  Well if you notice, this isn’t from inside the yard.  This is her up on the wall between the pool and the yard.  The somewhat higher wall is the one leading to the outside the subdivision toward the highway.

I was doing some plant clipping and emptied a basket and she came up missing.  I got the keys and went over to look in the pool area, then finally spotted her up on the dividing wall.

When I went over to her, she didn’t seem keen on jumping down into the yard.  She did make signs of wanting to climb on the back wall, so finally I just carried her off and walked her around the pool to the gate.   The gate closing scared her so I got some scratches, too.

A while back both cats were tested for some exotic parasites that might be causing Davout’s diarrhea and both came up positive.  Before Rhea’s tests were done I got the medicine and after a couple of days dose Davout had quite a bit more.  With the diet change the vet had us on, he hadn’t had that for some weeks.  So, since there are some possible serious effects this drug can have I stopped it and called the vet Monday.  Meanwhile he got better quickly.

So this week, both cats have been on the stuff, and so far I haven’t seen any problems from either of them with it.  So good so far, although neither is fond of the morning medicine session.

After the scare in front, Rhea seemed content to relax on the patio even when the neighbors were banging about in their yard right across the wall nearby.  She’s unfazed.

Davout is a little less so.

The special diet for Davout’s tummy has been a problem, since none of the other cats really likes it.  I especially felt bad for Julie (and even Gus, before) since the dry food to nibble on was gone and the wet food was meh.  And Julie hardly seems to touch the stuff he likes.

I finally found a solution of a kind in that Davout is not much of a jumper.  So I started feeding Julie on the center island in the kitchen.  He could have some dry, and his own wet stuff there and not have Davout eating it and irritating his guts.  It worked well, and when Rhea learned to jump sideways across to the island and clean up after Julie nothing really changed.

Recently, we found that the same brand of special wet food has a dry version and I’ve put that out for Davout and Julie to nibble at, which makes them both happier.  They seem to like it more than the wet version.

Davout ‘camped out’ here until the noises from next door went away.

Davout has taken up imitating Julie more and more.  When Julie trots ahead for breakfast he trots and bounces along right beside him at the shoulder.  Sometimes when Julie runs upstairs Davout will chase after him.  They haven’t wrestled yet, but they are doing some cat dances and nobody minds the closeness.


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7 Responses to Current Events

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Oh man that little stinker is up to some adventures on her own.
    Oh man sorry the medication has some serious side effects and am happy Davout got better quickly.
    Happy you have not seen any problems.
    Love the photo of Rheas tongue reaching up to he rose.
    Happy you found a solution to be able to feed Julie without the kittens getting into it.
    I bet watching the boys play makes your heart smile.


    • Oldcat says:

      It doesn’t *always* have side effects, but you have to watch it. But they don’t exactly tell you what you need to be watching *for*.. It’s a bit more worrying than the standard ‘jam the stuff down the mouth’ medication regimen.

      It doesn’t help that I’ve had so many one way trips to the vet these last months.

      It has been interesting to see Julie grow into the role of senior cat over these last months. Before this he usually left someone else to run things and just did his own thing. Now, he’s more involved as the senior cat, keeping an eye on the little ones.


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    I hope that the gastric problems clear up soon, and that you can get the feeding arrangements sorted out. Rhea does look beautiful on the wall, even though she’s a little minx!


  3. Marc-André says:

    Amazing adventures lol. And I love the tongue licking photo 🙂


  4. weggieboy says:

    What we do for our furry friends! You have my sympathies having two cats on medicine! I have just one, and that takes lots of planning to get medicine into him each morning. Getting two to take their medicine…!

    When my two were kittens, they and their littermates caught a grasshopper that was infected with an amoebic parasite. I can’t speak to the vicissitudes of the littermates, but my two were sick and healing for three months, with a couple extended stays at their veterinarian’s clinic. They came out of it all ok, but it was a rough kittenhood.


    • Oldcat says:

      The vet figures they both had this from kittenhood. Rhea still hasn’t shown serious symptoms and Davout didn’t until after he was fixed. The theory is that something there, the stress or the medications knocked his immune system a little and the bugs got the upper hand with him. The limited ingredient Duck diet has helped the irritation. I’ve read some stories that grass eating can give some vitamins that can help too, and he has been very keen on grass eating ever since he’s been let outside.

      So far my trick has been to grab Davout and shut him up in the bathroom with me for his medicine. Rhea will come in to see what is going on and then she gets her dose.


      • weggieboy says:

        Good going! I always enjoy reading how others get the job done because my cats are increasingly too smart and wise to my tricks to fall for anything! Of course, they both have to come with me into the bathroom, even when I am there for a shower. Andy, my current medicine receiver, also likes to perch outside the shower while I take it, though his brother wisely stays away from me when I’m near water…! I’ll have to try the bathroom ploy to see how that goes for me.


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