Mouse Hunt

Julie brought home a mouse today when he came in.  I didn’t take any pictures of it.  He dropped it right in front of the kittens and they were pretty interested.

A bit later I gave him one of his favorite “used to have catnip pillows” that he still loves even though every last whiff of catnip scent must be gone.

When I came back with a bit of paper towel he let me take it and I tossed it over the back wall.

Since the kittens had their hunting mojo stirred up I broke out the “undercover cat” toy and the kits had a lot of fun playing with it.  Davout likes to stalk from a distance before charging.

I got Rhea to play pounce on the camera strap but didn’t get any good photos out of it.  Pics or it didn’t happen, she says.

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7 Responses to Mouse Hunt

  1. kimkiminy says:

    I bet the kittens were impressed with Julie! He must be like a rock star to them.


    • Oldcat says:

      Davout especially is tagging along with him when he’s inside, walking beside him and peeking sideways to see what he thinks of it. They really do look up to Boss Julie.


  2. Marc-André says:

    Could have used Julie in the office today. Got a mouse issue xD


  3. Nice present.. Glad he traded for it though!
    Sometimes a favorite toy doesnt have to have it’s original appeal, it’s just a favorite! Star loves a butterfly toy that is not only seriously too old to smell like nip, but she’s lost it under so many different pieces of furniture and behind doors that it must smell dusty all the time, but she loves it more than a new identical replacement. It’s just her favorite.
    Those kittens NEVER take bad pictures! So cute! Love that Julie is giving you ‘the claw’ MOL maybe he minded that you took his mouse after all?


    • Oldcat says:

      He’s just a little over the top when his hunting instincts are up, so it is safer to use a wand toy when messing with him, or you might get a stray claw.

      There’s a firecracker toy that must be 5 years old now that he still likes more than an identical one bought a year or so later. One has the color licked off and is all floppy with the stuffing falling out, the other looks almost new.

      Years back my ladycats had a favorite catnip toy that they used for probably a decade.


  4. I always love the pictures of your kats- especially Rhea- her eyes just melt the heart! *(purrs)*


  5. Anne d says:

    Big brother Julie is trying to teach those babies about hunting.


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