Slow Sunday

First World Problems Davout:  Automatic Toy Mouse Toy isn’t Wiggling.

Rhea still likes to watch the camera strap most of all…

The cool tile in front of the fireplace is one of Davout’s favorite spots to hang out.

Insane Whiskers….

I’m not sure if this little edge of tile is used here for coolness or texture.  It is in the path of the oscillating fan, though.

Curling Whiskers, Curling Chest Fur…

I love her bicolor forehead and three striped ear….

Davout is really getting quite a mane.  This actually fits in with a big event next week….

Rhea keeping tidy.  Davout is the champ of the two of them, keeping his fur fluffed out, but her tail is usually in good condition.

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4 Responses to Slow Sunday

  1. angelatticus says:

    so grumpy cewt and fwuffy !


  2. Is Davout’s curly chest furs from cleaning or humidity? All of Star’s curly furs curl tighter in humidity and boy have we had it here lately! And she’s a bear about letting me get mats out.. little brat.
    Rhea really is beautifully marked, and that striped ear! So cute!


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