Picture Day

No action today as everyone was sleeping.  I knew that taking some pictures of Davout would bring Rhea out.

She did avoid getting into the action with Davout and stayed on the window seat.

The plain stuff in the background fades into his fur so you can’t tell where he ends and the background begins.

Davout’s dignified look.

I like the little reflections of light in her eyes and the window.

Tough guy with the big paw.

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6 Responses to Picture Day

  1. One of them is a Sealpoint Balinese maybe?
    I have a tough guy with a big paw too (at least he tries to give the impression that he is tough). Actually, he is a very gentle soul.


    • Oldcat says:

      Both kittens are non-Standard Napoleons – a mix of Persians and Munchkin. But they don’t have the Munchkin gene so their legs are normal. They have the doll-face Persian face, but the body isn’t as stocky as Persians and feet not so big. Fur is a lot less dense than Persian.

      Davout is actually chocolate point, Rhea a dilute torbie with white, or dilute calico.


  2. angelatticus says:

    Devout and Rhea I cant handle your cewtness…I hope grow up to be just as tuff and fluffly..gorgeous both of you thank you so much for showing your cewtness 🙂 Angel


  3. Marc-André says:

    Such beauties 🙂


  4. *sigh* Mommy loves looking at both of you! And I agree you are beautiful!


  5. sunsetdragon says:

    Oh my that first photo of Davout and those beautiful blue eyes is amazing.
    Love that sweet little Rhea face.
    Those two are total heart stealers.


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