Tattle Tail

Today was a ‘let them frolic out back’ day for the kittens.  I did some checking and everything looked cool, and then a few minutes later Davout came back inside and gave me “that look”.  Rhea was doing bad stuff again!

Rhea had climbed the wall.  This time, she was on the top still and I saw her before she jumped down, if she was going to.  Last time, she was still at this same spot while I hunted all over the pool area.  Today, she stayed there while I got under the tree and found her and took her down.

It is a nice spot – the side wall is about 6 inches lower than the back wall, so she can crouch low and peer over the back wall at the wilderness while feeling safe.

Since she seemed so eager to see the world I took the chance to put her in her harness and take her out front.  I put her on the porch wall which I have tried to do a few times but she dodges me.  She seemed to like it a little.

She investigated for a while then led me to the front door and I took her in.  Davout and Julie met us at the door.

Rhea on the porch wall.  I like the back half behind the harness, like a poofy skirt.

Somewhere in all this Davout got a pine needle cluster stuck to his back leg.  Rhea noticed it first and was trying to catch it.  These are 6 inches or so long, three spines stuck together and a bit sticky on the back.  I didn’t think of it too much, but a little bit later I saw Davout panting heavily, then spin in a circle a few times.

He’d seen the spine, but was too worked up to just turn about and bite it so he would alternated spinning like a top and running from it.  Being stuck to him, it didn’t help.   I tried to catch him, but this just made him run faster.

I finally had to pull out DaBird to trick him into standing still long enough to be caught.  Rhea was really annoyed that it got put away so fast.  Although it isn’t that hot in the evening, he was still overheated so I got some water to put on his face and ears to help cool him off.  With the twigs gone he lay down on the tiles and cooled off pretty fast.

I remember Julie panting quite a bit at about this age after coming back inside from his adventures.  Maybe they don’t regulate temperature very well at this age, just after kittenhood.


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1 Response to Tattle Tail

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Purdey seems to overheat quite quickly, even in our much lower temperatures. Glad you got Rhea under control!

    Liked by 1 person

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