Odds, Ends, and Verticals

So the other day, she was vaulting the wall and roaming.  Today she wasn’t willing to go very far from the door in the yard.

Julie has been playing some more with the kittens.  Just today Davout leapt out of the back door of his cat cave and did a “nearby pounce” on him.  He ended up a foot or so away this time but a start is a start.

The other day when I was playing with the stick and waving it in the field of view of the camera, I noticed something I had not before.  There was a delay between the movement and when it showed up in the screen.  It gave the illusion that the stick was bending since the end would be pointing in one direction in my hand but the tip would be lagging on the screen.

So this makes capturing an action shot even harder if you look at the screen, since you start out late and then you need to react.

Another funny thing I saw recently was when I was using Da Bird to entice the kittens to get close enough to give medicine to.  A few times I spun it in a large circle overhead at uniform speed.  Most of the time when I did this, the kittens would start walking in tiny circles of their own to follow the lure at the end of the string.  I could keep them doing it for quite a long time.

Davout versus Grass

So today Davout was interested in playing with the fronds of the ornamental grass.  They have started to come into seed.

First he tried to get closer by standing upright like a Meerkat.  Then….


The first time caught me off guard.  He did the exact same jump twice, so I managed to get him in frame once.  Never seen him do this, aside from playing with Da Bird.  I figure he got about 4.5 feet off the ground.

This is the landing of the first jump.   Well, an instant before anyhow.  Note the front feet seem to not have landed yet.

After the two jumps, he noticed that there were some fronds lower to the ground over here.

What a crazy dude!



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1 Response to Odds, Ends, and Verticals

  1. MiryMosey says:

    You have beautiful cats. Well done on some great shots of them!


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