Windy Day

The cats and I popped outside in the front yard to check things out.  I was windy most of the day, and while we were out there.  A whole mess of pine needles were dumped down onto the lawn from the trees.

The kittens took turns doing stuff I didn’t want them to, like walking into the street or the pool area or the neighbor’s front porch.  This made it easy to herd them back.  This is the handicapped spot in front of the pool.

Davout got a leaf stuck on his back foot and decided to spin in circles faster and faster to try and get a good look at it.

Davout acting as greeter on the front path….

Rhea checking out the pine needles…careful not to get one stuck on your tail!

They do seem to get a little worried when they see sticks and twigs lying all over the place.

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1 Response to Windy Day

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Look alike they are enjoying their outing.


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