Dibs and Dabs

One of these two is a bad kitty.  And it isn’t for kicking those paper napkins off the cat tree to the floor.

I came home today and Julie wasn’t hanging around the door asking to be let out.  Yes, he prefers going out to being fed.  As I did my usual getting home routine I saw some motion out of the corner of my eye and there he was.  Tracking his path back I saw that someone had clawed a hole in the screen in one of the windows.

I’m suspicious of Rhea because she knew about the hole suspiciously fast and went through it, and that awful screen has survived intact for 12 years with Julie and the other cats blocked out by it.  The screen isn’t much of a loss – it isn’t even the right size and is squeezed in to fit and has gaps in the other direction.

Rhea also managed to get stuck in the garage as I came in.

Get a load of those whiskers and the hair in his mouth.

When I was playing with Davout and taking pictures, Rhea decided to get a ringside seat.

My Shoestring! …  actually it would probably be a bit garbled by that hair in his mouth.

After some playing, Rhea came over and artfully posed herself right there in the way of our little game.

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1 Response to Dibs and Dabs

  1. weggieboy says:

    The little rascals! I suspect there is only one good kitty – Julie – in your house today!


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