Cats Out Back

It was a bit of an outside day today.  Julie even stayed around, because there was a neighborhood council meeting in the pool which the cats found more scary than a dozen splashing and screaming children.

Every so often one of the cats would get nervous and run inside.  When Rhea did it, everyone followed her.  When Julie or Davout did, not so much.

But when the scare was over, they came right back out!

What was that?

Davout likes to keep his eye on Rhea.

Rhea went to the far side of the yard despite the non-ruckus next door and played with the grass.  Davout would only go halfway, and Julie was inside for good by this point.  She’s the brave one.

Poor Davout looks like he expects her to get eaten up or something.

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4 Responses to Cats Out Back

  1. beckham1178 says:

    it looks she is sad 😦


  2. weggieboy says:

    Good instincts, Rhea! I’d run from a dozen-plus wet children, too!


  3. kimkiminy says:

    Well, you know, those neighborhood council meetings can get pretty out of hand…


  4. Marc-André says:

    Oh gosh. Be careful rhea!!!!


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