Hot Town

Its hot tonight.  Rhea is staying by the open window.  There’s a shuttling fan nearby but this spot is out of the direct flow.

This spot isn’t.  Poor Davout keeps getting his fluff blown into his face when the breeze comes.

Here comes the fan!

Too much fan!

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5 Responses to Hot Town

  1. It IS hot! I don’t know how the cats can stand it with their fur coats. Even my cat, who loves heat, has been sleeping in the shade, on the grass.


  2. quirkyartist says:

    Well here in Australia it is jolly cold. Cosmo is either sleeping alongside the oil column heater, or under the bedclothes with me. If there is a patch of sun he is in it, but none today.


  3. weggieboy says:

    It was 105° F here yesterday by 1:30 PM. That was bad enough, but 42 miles northwest of here, it was 112° F!

    I’ve noticed that the surface of my cats’ fur is cool to the touch on hot days, which makes me think they may be able to thermo-regulate themselves with their hair even in hot weather. Do you know?

    Regardless, I always make sure they have lots of water in their fountain and I run the air conditioner on days it gets above 80° F in the house. They are Persians that get trimmed every two months (teddy bear cuts), but still are pretty hairy!


    • Oldcat says:

      When they clean themselves off, the evaporation of the saliva does have a cooling effect. Being small helps to keep cool, as there is more surface to radiate heat away.


  4. Marc-André says:

    Toooo got here too lol. Cats are napping and looking for the fan haha


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