Pet Pest Control

It is always good to give your kittens a marketable skill to ensure their futures…

I started on this on the weekend when I started playing with Davout with a stem of honeysuckle that had grown wild.  They didn’t react to the plant very much, because there was another factor.  Somebody had coughed up a hairball on the stem earlier, and there were three or four files attracted to the wet spot on the stem.

Davout really wanted to get those flies.


Rhea soon noticed the flies too.

Both needed to sneak up as close as possible….

It was funny watching them track every fly they could in a little duet.

Davout even got up when they all flew behind his head.

Rhea is starting to get a little ruffle on her shirt front as she gets older.


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5 Responses to Pet Pest Control

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    great hunter in training


  2. weggieboy says:

    Another fine selection of photos of your cats! I especially enjoyed the middle one of Rhea with her beautiful tail curled forward.


  3. Fly hunting is a valuable sport! Well, all bug hunting is. We wouldnt know what kind of pests were in the house if not for Leo pointing them out so we can kill them! He’s not in it for bloodlust unless it’s a moth.. bleh, seem kinda dry I would think!
    Just wait til next time there’s a fly inside your house, you’ll know exactly where it is at all times!

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  4. They are so beautiful!


  5. Anne d says:

    That ruffle is a jabot. I love her copper colored eyes.


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