Day Off

I took the day off so the kittens had a lot of backyard time when I wasn’t out.  Rhea did climb up the wall once but did not leave the yard.  She just sat up there and watched.

When they came in they were tired even though they seemed to just be sitting outside.

Even the toy was too tiring.

Rhea ignored the active toys, but did pick up this ball to hold.  How does a kitten pick up a ball?

Why, magic of course.  No invisible threads or anything were used.

This morning she had a cute interaction with Julie before I got up.  She was standing behind where he was resting and pressing her nose to the tip of his tail.  It was cute, and Julie didn’t mind.   Somehow, though, he managed to get a huge sticker from a grocery package stuck to his belly and I had to turn him over and rip it off.

Davout likes to lurk.

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3 Responses to Day Off

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Aww look at that sweet little girls face.
    Love the photo of Davout stretched out.
    TY for the info about adding water to Alis wet food to hydrate her.
    We are doing that and she will not touch her dry food.
    She is not pooping regular either but I think that is do to not eating her dry food.
    Anyway TY for the info.


  2. Marc-André says:

    Lol. Love how she holds the ball toy 🙂


  3. What little beauties!!!💖


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