Backyard Break

In the morning, the cats were too tired to want to go outside.  Then I went on a hike and it was very late afternoon before I got back.  So there was only time for a little outside time.

At one point Rhea got very interested in the window…standing on back feet for about a minute seeing if jumping onto the edging was possible.  It isn’t so she had to give up.

Davout fell off the brick edging when chasing the grass toy, then just went with it as the cool way to sit for the rest of the time outside.

Crazy Whisker Time again!

Trapping the toy.

Rhea cleans up after playing with the grass.

Davout in his cat cave.


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2 Responses to Backyard Break

  1. Marc-André says:

    Awwwww I love that photo of Davout in the cat cave


  2. Doug Thomas says:

    “Crazy whiskers” is my favorite today! That said, this is a wonderful lot of photos of your beautiful cats, a real treat!


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