Kittens Amuck

I am feeling more comfy letting the kittens out back moderately supervised.  I thought that with people in the pool Rhea wouldn’t climb the wall and jump down.  I was half right…she did climb the wall, but did not jump down.  She stayed on the wall near the corner.

When I saw this and went to the corner from my side, she did come right over and was not too unhappy to be returned to the yard.

Davout is getting super pillowy these days.  Will he need a trim?

No leash goes unexamined….

Not entirely unconcerned with this picture taking thing today….

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4 Responses to Kittens Amuck

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Such beautiful sweet faces.

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  2. weggieboy says:

    I hope Davout can get by without a cut, though I know the longer hair comes with extra issues. Whatever you do, I hope you don’t do a lion cut! He’s so beautiful as he is!

    My cats’ groomer does a modified teddy bear cut, leaving their ruffs mostly untouched. (She doesn’t cut their hair that short.)


    • Oldcat says:

      The times I did Calpurnia I did a teddy-bear like cut which gave her some relief without the lion cut. Her first cut was mostly to the skin because she had very bad matting that had to be cut out. I left some along her back, so she had a comb-over for a while.


      • weggieboy says:

        As beautiful a cat as she was, I bet she pulled that combover with great grace and style!

        The first time I got my two groomed, it was the same thing: lots of matting, making it impossible to style it. Each new time, though, their groomer was able to cut it a little longer because I do a better job of grooming the cats in between appointments (for one thing), and she does such a good job of shaping it so it seems mostly impervious to matting, with the little help I put in.

        Anyway, I look forward to seeing how Davout and Rhea (if she needs it) survive the groomer! From the pictures it looks like all your cats get lots of loving care because they always look so pretty!

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