In High Feather

This morning I wanted to try and do more brushing on Marshal “Fluff” Davout.  The only problem is he’s very hard to catch.  So I used one of my stores of dirty tricks and brought out the “Da Bird” teaser to divert his attention so he can be grabbed.

Once in the hand, he’s pretty accepting of the brush.  Rhea is too but is pretty eager to get right back to chasing feathers.

After brushing I gave them both some chasing until poor Davout was panting a little bit. When putting the one toy away I saw another mini toy in the closet too which might be fun if not as awesomely exciting for the kittens.  I tried it out tonight.

It seems to work.

I needed to distract the kittens some because I got a big package as I was letting in Julie tonight – a huge tube containing a pair of big walking sticks.   One is a hickory stick with a brass spike, compass and thermometer for backcountry trails and a more snazzy sweet gum for regular streets and such.

The kittens are a bit unsure of these new things.

Rhea, like usual is bravest.  I could hold the end of a stick near her and she would stick her nose right on it to sniff.  Davout was a bit skittery if they got too close.

A little feather action cures any nervousness.

This teaser does seem to hit a middle ground.  The kittens like it but are not as intense as they are with Da Bird.


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3 Responses to In High Feather

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Love that last photo of Marshal Fluff.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. weggieboy says:

    I like how Davout’s whiskers go crazy when he’s really into something!


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