Staff Tryout Day

I took my new hickory walking staff out today and was pretty pleased.  Its considerably heavier – which is a good thing in a way since there’s no way it will break.  I can lean on the thing to rest with no issues.  The built in thermometer was useful, if I had any sense.  Temperatures here in California is very position dependent – the little valleys and ridges expose and cut off the ocean air, so the predicted “local” high was supposedly 84 degrees today.  My house thermostat agreed, but on the trail the thermometer read low 90s in the shade and near 100 in the sun.  The compass worked well too.  The brass spike digs in to everything but solid rock, so you can use the staff as a third leg when moving down steep slopes with loose rocks and earth.

The heavier staff and the water pack really got to be a load near the end of the 8 mile loop and until I almost got back there was very little traffic because only an idiot hikes in the middle of the day.

After I got back and was eating dinner, the cats got to go outside until dark.

When I was amusing Rhea for pictures, Davout was in one of his ‘cautious’ moods and would not come close or out of this dark corner.

Rhea went to look out the window and was a little annoyed when I grabbed her for some petting and eye goop maintenance.

A bit later I grabbed the shoestring on a stick toy.  The stick used to have something store bought on it but a cat broke it years ago so I tied a spare shoestring to it.

Rhea has it, and Davout is playing his “I won’t come close” game.

Well, the camera has some zoom to correct that problem.


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2 Responses to Staff Tryout Day

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Your new walking stick sounds wonderful.
    Look alike the kitties are enjoying the warm days and just chilling.
    Have a good week.


  2. kimkiminy says:

    I’ve always used a hiking stick, but mine have always been found down wood. I so agree about having a “third leg.”

    As the owner of a light-coated chihuahua, I have to do eye goop maintenance, too. I like Burt’s Bees tear stain remover for dogs, and it’s 99% natural. I wonder if they make a cat version?


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