Outside, Inside

The kittens got a little outside time before it got dark.  There was a bit of running to and fro but everyone was good and no crisis resulted.

After that everyone was a little bored inside.

The old toys are a bit stale.

So I brought out….

The crazy floating straw toy!  It was a big hit, and a little quieter for us all than the other wand toys.  A fine time was had by all.


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2 Responses to Outside, Inside

  1. weggieboy says:

    Had to laugh! Of course the crazy floating straw toy is the current favorite! When I see a new toy the boys might enjoy, I think about things like your crazy floating straw toy and how Andy and Dougy often are more engaged with a magazine that’s fallen on the floor (knocked of a light stand…!) or a pen I happen to be using at the time! I guess one just has to put it all down to the amazing world of cats and why we enjoy having them in our lives.


  2. sunsetdragon says:

    Oh man I know that floating straw well.


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