Favorite Toy

Which one is it today?

What has the cats perked up?

It’s the straw on a string toy!  Davout is in the “crane” position.

Rhea kept climbing up the tree to reach the toy.  She would even paw at it while hanging on with the other and looking upside down.

Whenever she grabs it, she instantly tries to carry it back to her “den” which seems to move every so often.

Davout doesn’t climb when he can stand up on two feet for it.


Which is crazier?  Eyes or Whiskers?

In this picture, it is the whiskers.  This is a good shot of his fluffy ruff.

I did trim a little dollop of hair from under his chin and it seems to be helping with his getting mouthfuls of fur while grooming.

About Oldcat

Engineer with Cats
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3 Responses to Favorite Toy

  1. Isnt it funny how you can spend a fortune on cat toys but then they love something like a straw? or a milk jug ring? MOL silly kitties!
    Love the crazy eyes and whiskers!


  2. Such ADORABLE kats!! Love the crazy whiskers and eyes!!💖


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