Going Bananas

The kittens got a present in the mail today.  I think this is the first time they have gotten something like this – the last time I purchased anything it was before they arrived.  What did they get?

Catnip Bananas!!!

So far Davout hasn’t really gotten into the catnip, although I have seen him playing with some of the older toys.  I did get one for each of them.

I also got them a refill on those little spring toys that Rhea loves.  She’s mad because I gave one to Davout instead of the banana.  So she dropped the banana and came near Davout and gave him dagger eyes.




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2 Responses to Going Bananas

  1. Over the summer I have logged into wordpress at the same time every day, and yours is always the first post I see. Thank you for making me smile every morning!

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  2. We love our nip nanners the best!


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