Too Hot to Handle

The kittens ready and waiting for some fun.

Rhea was more in the mood today and was jumping and running after the lure.

Then waited for it to come back…

A few times she got too hot and started to pant a little, so I had to pause to let her cool down.   She does look cute, though!

But when I put the toy away on my lap….she would soon come looking for it.

And soon finds it!

Lucky for me she’s nice enough not to use her claws too much on my legs.

When time is really up, I put the toy on the back of the desk.  So every night Rhea climbs up there to check if I forgot to put it away.  I can tell because if I forget to close the lid on the computer, she manages to hit buttons that hit crazy keys, turn off the backlight, and a lot of other crazy things.

Davout has been keeping a wider berth since I’ve been trying to chop out the mats on his tummy.  We had quite a tussle before bedtime.  I was using the clippers and he didn’t like the buzzing very much.

He even meowed (a rarity) and gave me a few warning bites.  I got a lot of it, but he still needs a bit more combed or cut out…or a big trim.

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3 Responses to Too Hot to Handle

  1. iamfernanda says:

    aww ur kitty is incredibly cute… ❤ I have a kitty and she is like so playful in the worst times hahaha 😛


  2. kimkiminy says:

    Oh, that widdle mouf! So cute! Poor Davout. Too bad they don’t make silent clippers.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. quirkyartist says:

    My Bollinger used to get terrible tummy mats. And armpit mats, and legpit mats. I uses to call him my little Boy Scout because as soon as my back was turned he’d be thing knots again. I used to do them all with a pair of nail scissors. My other himalayans got very few mats. But Bollinger had a breeding line from the USA and that was the line with the mats, so the breeder told me.


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