Bad Plan

Instead of the tried and true cat toy session I tried to get pictures in other ways.  Rhea was sleeping here and looked cute, but got up when I got close.

Davout is giving me a wide berth because he thinks I might cut his hair again.

And there isn’t much light over there.

I tried throwing out some treats but Rhea went in to hoover them up at once.

Last one!

I did break out a few more for Davout, but he still kept out of arm’s reach.


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7 Responses to Bad Plan

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Look at those two big fluff balls.


  2. weggieboy says:

    I have to catch two cats to take them to their groomer today, so I can appreciate the challenge Davout present for you just now. They definitely remember and act accordingly when we do something (even for their own good!) that they don’t like.

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    • Marc-André says:

      Tell me about it. It was Oli’s claw clipping day yesterday… (They get too long and bend inwards if left unchecked) so I second this LoL

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      • weggieboy says:

        Amazingly enough, they both trapped themselves in the bathroom, and I got them to their appointment on time AND had time before I took them to shower and clean up!

        That doesn’t always happen, and they get suspicious anyway if they see me showering and putting on street clothes. Darn kitties!

        I see I have a long scratch on my wrist that I don’t remember happening, though, so one of them apparently slipped on past me! (I’m so used to being scratched and impaled, I don’t notice the pain anymore, I guess. They don’t mean to do it; it just happens.)


      • Marc-André says:

        Glad you managed to get them to their appointment. And yes I’m pretty sure they just do it in defense when they get scared. 😦


      • Oldcat says:

        Yes, cats do lay about with claws when startled. I picked up Rhea the other day by surprise from my chair and she managed to hook one claw in my neck just like they sometimes get tangled in the fabric of a sweater. I had to as gently as possible hold her in place with one hand and pluck out the claw with the other to avoid more damage for either of us.

        That was something new.


      • Marc-André says:

        Ouch O.O” that’s not a good place for the claw no… Glad you managed to get out of that ok!

        I think my weirdest moment was when Oli decided he could walk up the cupboard – holding on to the wall and cupboard with paws like in the movies xD. Poor boy got stuck half way. Luckily I remember to quickly grab the blanket to put over myself before rescuing him. Blanket was totally shredded… But better that than my arms lol.

        He eventually managed to get on top of the cupboard for his toys btw =.= got a video of Oli kitten on top of it with fish in his mouth on YouTube 🙂


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