Weather Break

Luckily for us, the hot weather broke a bit today.  Yesterday it was 106 in the daytime, but it didn’t drop a lot as the sun went down so it was pretty stuffy inside.  Today it was more normal, with a high 90s temperature that drops at about dinnertime with a cooling breeze from the ocean.

I was also working in this same area replacing a faulty cable box.  I did that last night, but instead of coming up it flashed crazy numbers for hours and output no signal.  When the cable guide said nothing about the E017 message on the clock, and the online help guy didn’t come on for a half hour I used a patented process for computers which is…unplug the darn thing and plug it in again.  That worked and I could clear the area so Rhea can sit on her cool tile spot now.

When I got closer, she sat up and lost the pose.

Last night after I posted, with the house so hot, I was expecting us to all loll about but Rhea and Davout had other ideas.  They started chasing each other about up the stairs, on the bookshelves, down and around.  Rhea was panting a few times with the heat.

Today  I left an extra fan running while I was at work to move more air out and naturally the temperature cooled right down.

Davout is ready for toy time!

Rhea is ready to climb the walls for the toy…

Davout has the best whiskers.  He’s also got a blade of grass in his fur.

Now Rhea needs to watch while Davout has fun…

Well, it might be fun.  He usually has such a serious look when chasing the toy.


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6 Responses to Weather Break

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Beautiful pics! I like the idea of you all lolling. It’s much cooler here now, not long before we get a frost.


  2. sunsetdragon says:

    They make my heart smile and that Davout does have the craziest whiskers.


  3. Marc-André says:

    Love the photos :). And got weather had moved over to us! The even had a mosquito invasion last night… Lol


  4. It seems that every time we have trouble with our cable box we unplug it, wait a minute, plug it in again and watch it reboot, and ta-da, it’s back to normal. Hey, somethings CAN be fixed non-techy!
    Have some of our cooler weather!


  5. I love the big eyes when they are intent, so cute


  6. Anne d says:

    Real patented process!!


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