Cat Walk

I let the kittens out front this evening and they decided to take a jaunt down the driveway.  Well, Rhea did most of the convincing, Davout was a lot less sure about it.

This leaf also caught his attention.

The next door neighbor on one side came out of her garage and Davout had to run back to a safe distance.  There’s actually a small hill in the grass there so he’s even more hidden from the neighbor than he looks.

I am trying to make sure the kittens don’t go in the street so Rhea just walked along the curb to avoid stepping in the grass at all.  She also watched the neighbor, but is braver than Davout.  He’s behind and to her right — she’s more or less in the path he’s looking at in the other picture by the street.

Rhea decided to head back but could not bring herself to step in the grass, so she followed the curb back to the driveway and up to the front path.

When back, she almost stepped fully onto the grass, but then thought better of the project. So she followed Davout inside.

After the front yard adventure, I opened the back door and let them into the back yard.  Rhea found this bit of straw to gnaw on up on the table.

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3 Responses to Cat Walk

  1. weggieboy says:

    I enjoyed their little adventure outside!


  2. Looks like they enjoyed their visit outside. They are so beautiful!


  3. sunsetdragon says:

    Loved watching their adventure and the expressions on Rheas face.


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