Wand Toy

I’ve been a bit lazy about hiding the wand toy this last week as there hasn’t been any sign that the kittens know where it is.  Today, though, Rhea found it and dragged it under an end table and got it all tangled around in there.  She would play with it from time to time there.

I managed to get it untangled and started to play with Davout who was sitting on the leather chair.

Rhea wanted to play too…

…and she is more willing to lunge for it.

Soon it was Davout’s turn and he’s planning to strike.

Rhea was also getting involved in the laundry basket.  She climbed in with the unfolded clothes and buried herself in there and fought to keep me from removing shirts for folding.

Davout did get a few turns but then Rhea was cutting in line again!


Little sisters are so annoying!!

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1 Response to Wand Toy

  1. weggieboy says:

    Davout’s expression in the last photo says it all! Shame, Rhea! You have to share sometimes!


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