Looking For You

The kits had a little bit of outside time today – long enough for Davout to eat some grass he coughed up on the floor.  But at least it was on the tile!

Davout was a little more forward in the play session..staying close and even doing some huge jumps and somersaults when I didn’t expect them.

Now there’s a funny face.

And he did some nice lunges.

Rhea – Bright Eyes and definitely a bushy tail.

And Davout just keeps on hanging on!

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4 Responses to Looking For You

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    They have grown into such big, beautiful kitties.


  2. I love every single picture of these adorable babies!!


  3. Davout is so beautiful! They all look so happy and healthy!💗I


  4. weggieboy says:

    So Davout didn’t get the memo from Cat Central about barfing only on the deepest pile carpet in the house or the prized oriental rug if there is one available…!

    This is a particularly delightful selection of photos of your sweeties today!

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