Wild Things

The kittens get very wild with the wand toy.  Even more than chasing it and catching it, they like to hold it and carry off the kill back home.  When Rhea makes the grab she almost always starts to carry the feathered lure off home, dragging me along behind.

When you have a dark brown face, you shouldn’t hide under the desk chair in the shadows.

But when he gets it, he pulls just as hard as Rhea.  She turns away and strides away…he pulls straight back using all four feet to push away.

No matter where the toy hides, Rhea can find it.

Davout likes watching her play almost as much as playing himself.

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5 Responses to Wild Things

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    They were wild with the toy today.


  2. I love it when they try to take the kill with them! So cute!


  3. Ellen Pilch says:

    Such cuties! Please come to the party and giveaway at 15andmeowing today.


  4. quirkyartist says:

    My Cosimo Foo also walks off with his toy. Don’t you love that special purposeful way of walking when they do that!


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