Who Watches the Washer?

The repair to the washer wasn’t, and the re-repair quoted a price that was about 80 percent of a new one, so today a new washer was delivered and installed.  Rhea was very interested in it as it ran through a full cycle empty to flush out the tub the first time.

This camera is pretty good even in the garage without flash.  The high ISO makes it grainy, but there’s only one bulb for the whole room.

The new one is one of those high efficiency ones and it does make some interesting sounds, if not loud ones.  It sounds like a quiet jet engine at times in the cycle.

Davout is a little more reserved about new things.

So the rest of the day all the backup washing was running through and the cats would alternate between hanging out back or coming in to the garage when some interesting sounds came up.  One time I saw Davout in the garage watching, but he was on the complete opposite end pressed up against the garage door just to be safe.

I think this situation is under control….

All this watching tires the cats out utterly.


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3 Responses to Who Watches the Washer?

  1. weggieboy says:

    Curiosity comes at a price! I’m sure they both had lovely naps, though, and are ready to take on whatever challeneges wait for them!


  2. pilch92 says:

    I love seeing photos of your kitties every day – they are beauties, especially Rhea.


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