Front Walk

Time for a little walk on the wild side.

Then Rhea took the lead.

Davout came along behind, while I kept herding Rhea back in off the street.

Then they both tried out the little side street.

Afterward, time to relax a bit.

The cats are getting so used to camera meaning “fun toy” that they came right over to see. No toy today though.

They are pretty annoyed.


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3 Responses to Front Walk

  1. pilch92 says:

    I like the inside photos, the shot near the road terrifies me . I am very overprotective. I am sure they had fun though.


    • Oldcat says:

      The road is a cul-de-sac, and the second road (the one they are sniffing at) is a access road to the pool and RV park so there isn’t fast traffic. The idea is to teach them the edge of their turf by shooing them back. Ideally they are familiar enough with their area to run home if something scary happens, rather than panic and run away.


  2. sunsetdragon says:

    Looks like they were enjoying their adventure outside and did they try to play with all of the falling leaves?


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