In the Balance

I have a couple of folding portable rocker chairs — think of it as like a directors chair that folds sideways.  Lately Rhea has been “mountain climbing” on it.  It is something of a challenge since there is only that 3/4 inch or so bar that is firm, and when you get that high the whole chair starts rocking.

If I move closer to get a better picture she climbs down.

For extra bonus unsteady action, here she is balanced on the very tip top.

When the time for climbing is over, a stay in a cat cave works out well.

Davout was interested in this shoestring.  I like his goofy expression!

Where did it go???

Love those eyes.



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One Response to In the Balance

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    That sweet little girl Rhea has the prettiest face, and captain Crazy Whiskers is ( and I know he is a boy, and am sorry to say this), but he is a beautiful guy.


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