Crazy Eyes and Bushy Tails

…well, you will have to imagine the bushy tails, as I haven’t got a picture of that end today.

Davout doesn’t often get his chance for an uninterrupted chance at the toy, since Rhea is a bit grabby.  First the stare….

Then the capture…

Then carry it back home to the safe carpet….

And guard it against all comers!

While Rhea spotted something new….

….and exciting….

….our old friend, the camera strap!


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2 Responses to Crazy Eyes and Bushy Tails

  1. Those two have the biggest prettiest eyes! Love to see them play!


  2. weggieboy says:

    Bravo! Rhea and Davout are a delight in these photos, as usual, but I was especially pleased Rhea found the camera strap because, it’s one of your kittens’ cutest traditions.


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