Check Up

Circumstances have worked against it, but I finally had to take the kittens in for a checkup. There was quite a bit of meowing, possibly because this was the first time I had them both in the car in separate carriers.

You might not know this, but Rhea has a more strident voice in these situations, even though Davout is more scared by quite a bit.

These are cell phone pictures, but a nicer camera might not be hugely better in a windowless waiting room.

Davout climbed into that corner and is sitting on top of a warm network hub.  The suboptimal part is that the vet tech or doctor will be standing right there when they arrive.

After the first exam and weighing Davout hid here.  He’s about 10 pounds now, and Rhea about 7 or 8.  Still smallish, but not the micro kitty that is so often advertised.

Not the greatest closeup…but good enough.

Rhea decided to sit on this carrier some of the time, and went into one of them a few times and had to be pulled out.

They both got a bit of grooming while here.  Mostly a belly trim to reduce knots, and Davout got a trim of his large mane to help him to groom himself.  His whole belly is shaved, which should cool him down if it warms up.

Rhea takes some time to lick Davout’s head to calm him down.

Davout was pretty cranky about getting his cut, and its a bit ragged in spots.  He has some long thick slabs of side hair that could use a bit of a trim, but he’s had a bit much right now.

I also had to tell the vet that Julius isn’t coming back, which made her cry a little.  I don’t like spreading bad news.

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5 Responses to Check Up

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Hugs about Julie and the kitties look pretty calm.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. weggieboy says:

    Poor Julius…!

    It’s fun taking in two cats at once to the veterinarian, eh?! The last time I took my two in, Andy decided he wasn’t cooperating that day, and I spent 25 minutes trying to outsmart him. He continued to be growly at the clinic, something he hasn’t been before, and his bad attitude carried over to his brother. Most times, they are very calm once I get them there, though Dougy is a whiner in the carrier: He hates cars!


  3. Jo Woolf says:

    Good pics! I love that Rhea is licking Davout’s head to keep him calm. I can imagine how he didn’t like being clipped. I know that you have been quiet about Julie on here but I have thought about him often all the same.


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