Reversal of Fortune

This morning I noticed that Davout was nowhere to be found at breakfast.  He isn’t as visible as Rhea usually is in the mornings as I get up, but he’s somewhere about watching.

So I started looking in his usual haunts and came up empty.  Finally I looked in the closed closet off the living room where I had stored the cat toy from last night.  He was right in there all night, not even making a peep.

He didn’t seem to be that upset.  Maybe he had spent time playing footsie under the door with Rhea.

So today I let them wander a little bit outside and Davout led the procession with Rhea coming along behind.

I kept a bit more active in herding them back if they tried to go more than halfway down the driveway toward the street, or to the neighbors.  Rhea sat in this dramatic pose that looks like the cover of a Gothic Novel.

Davout had his own way of celebrating on the driveway.

I almost got the best part of Rhea’s stretchy routine.  She’s just starting to stand back up again.

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1 Response to Reversal of Fortune

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Beautiful shot of Rhea in the second photo of her sitting in the drive way.


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