Playing Together

I brought out Da Bird for the kitties and today Davout decided to take it away with him.

What’s odd about this is that nothing was up where he was looking….the toy was about where the camera is.  I also think it is amusing when he gets fur in his mouth.

Rhea may not have crazy whiskers like Davout, but they are nice ones nevertheless.

After tugging it away, Davout brought the whole toy back to the safe blue carpet where they could both play with it.  Rhea reaches out to take a turn.

They stayed here sharing very peacefully.

Davout saved up his crazies for the end of the playtime.



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3 Responses to Playing Together

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Love the third photo of Rhea looking up. She has such a sweet face. Both she and Capt. Crazy Whiskers are adorable even as grown kitties.


  2. Those two have wonderful whiskers. And you have a wonderful camera that captures them so well! Love seeing them play!


  3. Lurkertype says:

    Those perfectly round faces make them still look like kittens.

    I always have to laugh when long haired cats get their own fur in their mouth. It’s silly. Also I love how there are long hairs, whereupon I must tease the kitty “there’s cat hair sticking out of your cat fur!”


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