This and That

Yesterday I moved the old cat tree upstairs to the bedroom.  By this morning the two of them were playing on it after I woke up.  When I got home nobody was downstairs waiting at the door so it is possible they were using it during the day.

But when I get home the new tree gets the major use.  Sometimes calmly but every so often the temptation to attack up or down gets too much to resist.

A bit later Davout gives Rhea a bat on the head.  Not a hard one, but his from paw is resting right on her forehead.  They did quite a bit of chasing back and forth tonight.

The other day I ordered some custom stamps made.  They are nice quality.  The whole order was about 10 dollars more than stamps, plus another 5 or so for postage.  Possibly postage could be mitigated if I ordered more stuff.  But the government stamps I got last time are just embarrassingly ugly.

I even set up a store although I don’t have any items in it yet.

Rhea doing the ironing of clean T-Shirts.

Davout on the lower platform – Rhea in the last shot would be a little above where he is now.

Davout napping.  He still has those crazy whiskers!


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2 Responses to This and That

  1. Those stamps are adorable!
    Love that Rhea is the guardian of the basket! Does Davout ever get a turn?

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