The Two Towers

Davout's Tree

I took another hike this afternoon.  This one is more ‘off-road’ – a trail that ascends 750 feet or so at once then follows a ridge line, then crosses a meadow up top and follows some power lines along the south face of the Simi Hills, ending up halfway or so up Simi Peak, the highest spot in the county.  There’s a couple of other trails you can use to get on top of that, but that’s another direction.  I needed the leather jacket I wore at times as there were some high winds up there with nothing to block them.  Perhaps I need to find a more breathable hiking jacket than my leather one.  Most times of year this isn’t a big deal, even today the thermometer in my staff said it was 80 or so in the sun.

Davout took over this cat tower…

Rhea's Tower

But Rhea didn’t care since she was in this one.  Three towers in the living room and just two cats means there’s something for everyone.

Look Down

The nice thing about this tower is that I can get even higher!

Round Basket

If you want an interesting comparison you can check out this picture: Circles.  Calla fills out the top of this tree a little bit more than Rhea does.

Close Up Nose

Maybe I need to do some more of these super closeups of Davout.  The camera tends to make his face very dark against most any background.  He has a very cute nose.

Floof in the Mouth

It gives those crazy whiskers a field to play on…and the floof in the mouth too.

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1 Response to The Two Towers

  1. weggieboy says:

    A minimum of one more high place than cats works well! Of course, sometimes they still want the same high spot. I know my cats have several favorite places each that are up high, and that helps keep the conflict down.


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