Outside Adventures

Rhea Rhelaxing

I’m off this week and by mid-afternoon the cats were getting bored with the novelty of having me hanging around.

Rhea Out Back

I had no further excuse to avoid letting them out back.  It was a nice day out, if a bit windy. A few doors down a neighbor was having some trees cut down and chipped with a wood chipper.  This made Davout reluctant to poke his nose out very far.  Rhea had it all to herself.

Wide Eyes

The winds have blown a lot of leaves from the tree out front into the yard, and pine needles too.

Another Yawn

Then Rhea started yawning…



Disorderly Yard

“Shouldn’t you be doing some basic yard care instead of embarrassing me on the internet?”

Rhea Treed

I went inside for a few minutes until I noticed Davout sitting on the patio giving me significant looks.  I came out and found a breakout in progress….

Belly Shot

I never did finish Rhea-proofing this tree, although it seems that the tree has almost made itself climb proof.  There are a few tufts of her hair snagged here and there on twigs.

Hover Cat

I ducked under and stood by the side wall (where she was headed).  I was so close I actually had to hold the camera beside my head to focus it.  She was too wedged in to pull down from here, but she couldn’t find another way down or up to some other place.  Finally I managed to get her loose and drop her inside.

It might have been easier when she was littler.  This picture amuses me because she looks as if she is floating.

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6 Responses to Outside Adventures

  1. Lurkertype says:

    You gotta fix that tree with your little furry Houdini.

    She’s got that Fizzgig yawn thing like Calla did!


  2. sunsetdragon says:

    Love seeing Rhea yawn and that little escape artist is going to keep you busy escape proofing the yard t keep her in.


  3. Kev says:

    Rhea is not looking too impressed… Where’s the way out! 😀


  4. weggieboy says:

    Some adventure for your little girl!


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