Early Thanksgiving

I’ll make this the Thanksgiving post since most will see it on that day given my posting hour.  Davout is not thankful that the screen is keeping him from going outside.  There was a little too much stuff going on here for outside time.

Anna was thankful for her dinner, since that meant the rotten part of her day was over.  She was grumbling the entire afternoon, since her opening vet visit was at noon.  I was a bit surprised to have an opening that quickly, but off we went.

Getting picked up and put in the carrier was about Anna’s limit for contact.  She was good in the car again, and even seemed to relax.  In the vet waiting room I let her out of the carrier and she walked around calmly, and after that jumped up to sit next to me on a bench chair the office has.

The tech came in for the weighing and ear check and Anna was done.  She stared growling during the heart rate check which made it take longer.   Then the Vet came in and Anna sat on the bench for some of the conversation….but then it was exam time!

After that, Anna was TOTALLY DONE WITH THAT.

and then came time to clip the back claws and cut out a little knot on her belly…


Anna was actually very good with being pissed off.  She growled and complained and wiggled and did a few alligator snaps but was not frightened or wild.  But when she got home she spent most of the afternoon in her safest spots to chill out.

Rhea tries to think what to be thankful for…World Peace, maybe?

There’s some deep thinking going on there.

By dinner time Anna was back out in the room which was good.  She does seem to bounce back from these things readily.

Rhea washing those “ear furnishings”.

In my latest visit up to Anna, she came down from the bookshelf seat, rubbed around my legs a time or two, and then lay down in front of me and started paddling her feet like she was kneading for me.  I gave her a finger-tip touch or so.  She might have been purring but it was hard to tell.  She was happy and that’s all that matters.

I like seeing her climbing on stuff…I think it is a sign she is comfortable in the space and with the company.  Baby steps!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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4 Responses to Early Thanksgiving

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Lovely! Happy Thanksgiving to you all, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sunsetdragon says:

    i think Miss Anna has made herself right at home with the kittens and is a good fit.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. weggieboy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! It looks like Anna will be a good fit with Davout and Rhea!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ellen Pilch says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds like Anna is coming along, like you said, baby steps.

    Liked by 1 person

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