Anna on Tour

I opened up the door to let Anna out this evening imagining she would go into the bedroom again like yesterday.   Instead she pretty rapidly went right downstairs to where the other cats were waiting.

It is hard to tell sometimes who is hissing at who sometimes.  They are relatively calm “Ima tough girl” hisses without a lot of heat behind them no matter if they are Rhea or Anna.

Those two meet closer because Davout tends to be up high during these encounters and doesn’t dare to come down.  He watched her move about the living room without comment.

Rhea did a little following around, possibly with some hissing, but ended up camped under the white tree watching while Anna explored the living room nearest the stairs and the cat tree there.  Even though there were no cats confronting her, Anna would give off a hiss every so often as she moved, on general principles,

Then Anna went back upstairs and Davout watched her go.

Anna went back into her room fairly quickly and settled down on the window seat.  I left the door open and waited.

…because I had seen Rhea following along behind, out of sight.

Eventually Rhea came into Anna’s room.  First, she checked the closet where Anna had been last time, then slowly crept around the couch and came in sight of Anna on the shelf.

This elicited some moderate hissing, and some growling.  Anna didn’t jump down to move closer.

And Rhea politely retreated to outside the room.

After a little bit I closed the door to cut the tension.  But there wasn’t all that much tension. Anna is defending her room mildly enough.  And the kittens are defending the rest of the house even less.

When Calpurnia was mixing in, there were a few days where she was defending her room and she was a lot more aggressive than this.  One time Julie came in and got cut off from the door.  Calla was at the end of the sofa near the door, and swatted at him.  He ran back and jumped over the sofa to the front side and headed for the door.  By the time he got there she was swatting at him there, where he would run back over the sofa to the first   side.  It was funny aside from all the noise and fuss.  Julie finally had to leap from the top of the sofa over her head to get out.

As she got more integrated, for a few days she defended the upstairs.  There were a few examples of her chasing Gus or Julie down the hall and downstairs.  This didn’t last long, though, and as she came downstairs more her sense of borders and invaders faded as her territory became the whole house.  There was a little bit of wariness when she met them but soon this faded.

Of course, this integration success blew up a few months later for other reasons.

After holding the alert position for some time, finally Anna relaxed into this napping pose. She isn’t letting things bother her for long.

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2 Responses to Anna on Tour

  1. weggieboy says:

    Your little family is coming together nicely.


  2. Anna is just as lovely as the others! I hope they all settle in and learn to accept each other!💜


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