Monday Medical News

Last night I was getting a bit worried with a sore foot I had going for a day or so getting worse.  I didn’t see any visible damage, but wasn’t acting like I imagine a strain or broken bone would.  Eventually I took a really close look and something was inside the sole, like a splinter in your finger.  I managed to find tools enough to get it out and the irritation started to fade right away.

I always like it when the cats use the banister like a scenic overlook to the downstairs.

Today I got some test results back from Anna’s vet visit.  She does have a parasite that it would be a good idea to avoid spreading to the other cats.  So the idea is to keep her using her own litter box rather than ones the kittens use.  So while I won’t lock her into the room all the time, I won’t let her out at night until after the medicine takes effect.

So far, though, Anna seems to be content with limited tours out of ‘her’ room as proof she isn’t trapped there all the time, but she’s not so eager to expand her turf or interact with the kittens.

The real new thing is I have liquid medicine to give orally.  This will be an adventure as I have not been working on getting Anna used to handling.  I did the first dose and got the job done although she wasn’t happy.  The question is if the next time will be harder or easier.

Today was the first day back to work and the routine might have helped the kittens be a bit less sensitive to Anna.  My hanging out didn’t produce the usual audience in the hallway.

Last night was one of the few times I was kept awake by the kittens playing with stuff.  There was a jingle ball I could hear, and some cat or cats pouncing on the paper bags like the one in the foreground.

After all the new fuss, and the ‘abandoning’ of Anna all day, she still gave me a flop and a roll.  From what I saw, she tends to retreat to her safe place to nap away a lot of this time anyway even when I did come visit.

Tabby chin.

I haven’t really done much analysis of Anna’s fur style.  She certainly is the most ‘brown’ brown tabby I’ve ever seen.  If you think back on Julie, his face and legs were grayish, and the gold-brown undercoat was on the body and especially the belly.  She does seem to be more of a Classic Tabby than a Mackerel Tabby, although the long hair smudges the pattern.

There is a style of Persians, “Shaded Goldens”, that are bred to have very strong brown/red undercoats.  Then a specific gene “wideband” is used to push the black stripes of the tabby pattern up the hairs and off, leaving only a suggestion of stripes and a golden overall color. The Shaded Silvers and Goldens are different from regular Persians in that the drive away from the Doll Face to the flat or ‘Peke’ face is not very prominent yet.  So perhaps this explains part of her looks.  I’ll probably have to be able to handle her more to be able to tell anything more.

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8 Responses to Monday Medical News

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Thank goodness you got the splinter out. Man when those fester they hurt.
    Anna is a pretty girl and hope the medication is easy to get down her and she is all better soon.

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  2. Glad you got the foot sorted. Your cat photos are so beautiful.

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    • Oldcat says:

      I had recently been chiding my mother for having had a broken bone in her foot for some months without seeing a doctor. I was hoping it wouldn’t turn out to be a very ironic situation for me to bust mine right after that.

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  3. weggieboy says:

    I definitely prefer liquid medicine to pills for my cats. My cat Andy responds well to shoulder massages and ear scritching before I try to give him medicine. I tell him over and over he’s a good boy, in a soothing voice.

    Once I feel the claws he’s dug into my shoulder retract, I know he’s relaxed enough for the next step of wrapping him in a towel to restrain him a bit. I always give him a post dose kitty treat, too, so he has a good reason to put up with this treatment!

    I don’t always have an easy time of it, but the hardest part for me is remembering not to scruff him to catch him. His medication is for blood pressure after all, so I let him escape if the alternative is to get rough with him trying to catch him.

    All that said, good luck with Anna.

    I get a kick out of the file labels that pop up when my cursor rests on your photos. They are as much fun as your photos and text!

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    • Oldcat says:

      Yes, even a difficult cat to pill can be worked with, but so far in Anna’s case we are starting not from ground zero, but ground negative. She’s easy to catch, but holding or petting so far is agitating more than calming. Well, I didn’t expect her to be easy knowing her history.

      The flyover titles are an extra tag. I title each picture to help me search for pictures in the archives, then copy it down to the “alternate text line” in the WordPress viewer. This creates an ‘alt=” phrase in the text of the image tag. Then I hand edit the alt= to title= and that makes it a flyover hint. I didn’t used to have to do the final text edit, but at some point WP changed the tag used for that line. alt= is what is shown to blind people by readers or if the image doesn’t display. If I get complaints from the blind, I could start copying the entire tag for them.

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  4. pilch92 says:

    Poor kitty, I am glad you got the splinter out. Sorry you have to deal with liquid meds, I usually end up covered in them instead of getting into the kitty.

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  5. I am way behind! I didn’t even know you got a new kitty! I’m all caught up now though. What a sweet beauty Anna is! I hope the medicine works quick and she is given the all clear soon. Glad you got that splinter out, ouchie!

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  6. Anne d says:

    Thank goodness-no Peke face. All breeders who bred this deformity (Peke face) should be shot.


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