Testing the Borders

So by now the open door hour is becoming quite a ritual.  For a few days now Anna has been content to let the kittens come to her.  Today she was up on her platform by the window.  She doesn’t really have a clear line of sight to much from there, aside from the half of the room near the window.

Soon enough we had our first visitor…

If Anna heard anything she took little notice.

Rhea tried the closet first but nobody was home…

Then she tried peeking around the sofa…

This brought out a HISS!!!

And some complaining meows while Rhea was there, but not very loud.  She did get a little more agitated when Rhea tried to circle around behind the food dishes to get farther into the room without getting closer.  I chased her out then.

After the spitting, Davout was back in his sitting tall pose, but a lot closer.  As Anna calmed down, he did too.  So much so that he must have peeked around the sofa like Rhea and got hissed at himself.  He skittered out of the room.

But not too far.

It didn’t take long for Anna to calm herself.

I tried a new exercise – to give both of them a secure place to see each other, relatively distant.  From here they can both see eye to eye, over the red couch, but are ‘safe’ on their own high place.

It worked out pretty well.  Rhea hissed when I picked her up, but once I plunked her there she did the stare down game with Anna.  Eventually Rhea relaxed a bit more, and could afford to stand up straight,  look in other directions and even turn her back on Anna and face the other way from time to time.

I got the idea for putting her up there from Julie.  It was his spot when we had a new cat in the room.  He could see in, feel safe, and if someone ran out he could just watch them go by down the hall without being seen.



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4 Responses to Testing the Borders

  1. I love Davout’s standing tall routine, so cute! I wonder if he’s trying to show that he’s not some little baby, but is a grown kitty now Miss Hiss! Anna is a beauty, I’m glad she seems content and only just hisses and grumbles and doesn’t feel the need to chase. Sounds like things are progressing very well for you all!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oldcat says:

      Yes, I am pleased about how both sides are dealing with this. The way the Integration might fail is if one side were too afraid and cowered or lashed out.

      Mutual respect is better.


  2. weggieboy says:

    Rhea peering around the sofa is so cute! Anyway, it’s good they are working out the home dynamics without fights.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sunsetdragon says:

    Sounds like they are all getting acquainted and like they are all respecting each others space.


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