A Little Mixing

I popped into the Garage today and saw Rhea had found a new perch.

I’m glad she picked a spot with proper labeling.

Anna has been out and about a bit more today.  I tended to just leave her room open if I was home.  In the morning when I did so she spent a lot of time browsing the upstairs rooms.  Her tail was twitchy, but high, which I interpret as being a bit nervous but not scared.

Rhea found a box to camp in.

After dinner we played the same meeting game again.  Davout went far enough to get hissed at.  I’m not sure if this is in visual range or not.

After the warning, Anna soon got tired of it.  I’ve tried getting her to play with toys, but it is hard to tell if she is playing or getting scared or angry.

Next time I checked, Rhea had taken position where Davout had been.

After a while, though, even these dramatic confrontations get a bit boring.

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7 Responses to A Little Mixing

  1. Lurkertype says:

    My old cat always climbed up to the Not A Step part. But he was a very macho boy, so I didn’t expect he’d pay any attention to instructions.


  2. Ellen Pilch says:

    Such cuties! Please visit us for a giveaway.


  3. They all are so pretty and sweet- but I think Rhea is my favorite!! So PURRECIOUS!

    Liked by 1 person

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