This morning I opened up Anna’s door and she came out and explored the upstairs for quite a while.  For a while there was no drama, but then Rhea in particular started following her about, sometimes getting within a foot or two.  Yes there was hissing, but nothing worse.  The kittens did cut her off from her room which seemed to be upsetting her some so I broke up the impasse.

I didn’t get any pictures of Anna, but she does the same thing that this cat Sirocco does of ‘floating’ when walking around.  Rather than go straight, she floats from wall to wall to corner and rubs up against it.  It is very cute.

The rest of the day Anna has been content to stay in her room and nap. There’s nothing wrong with her…in fact, I’ve felt the same way today.

It has been a while for toys with the kittens and Rhea was in great form, capturing the lure and carrying it off to her ‘home base’ to play with.

Davout mostly watched even when I tried to get him more involved.

She kept dragging it back to this carpet, but then it became too exposed to be home so she dragged it over to the far side of the room to play with.

Look what I caught!

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4 Responses to Pounces

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Sounds like Anna and Rhea are adjusting to each other. Interesting how nan floats like the kitty in the video. Is this something that is common with the breed?

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  2. They just can’t get any cuter! Glad they’re starting to adjust!💚

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  3. weggieboy says:

    I love Molly’s videos! Two Persians keep me pretty busy, and can’t imagine how Molly manages eight of the little rascals, especially grooming and litter boxes!

    Like you, though, she has as lovely place for the kitties to go outdoors to play. That probably helps them use up energy and satisfy their curiosity about any and everything.

    It was a treat to find her video here with three of my favorite blog kitties, too! I hope you make videos and post them on YouTube some day.


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