Box Fort

Rhea likes these shoeboxes with lids and will climb into them and let the top close in on her like a little fort.  If the box is closed, she will shove it around with her nose and paws trying to get it open.

If Davout comes to investigate she will pop out and startle him.

Anna looks a little bit rumpled with the drops leaking out of her eye.  Hard to say if she is feeling any better than yesterday.  Both days were better than the weekend.

She’s also not thrilled with getting drops.  It is easier than the medicine in the mouth, though.

Meanwhile Davout peeks into the room to see what is inside.  Such a cute fellow.

Anna is a bit limited on her public displays of affection.  She will rub on your legs some when floating about but is still reluctant to climb on you or sit near you.  She does do this – turn her back on you and look the other way with her feet braced on something. Then she wants you to scratch her back.

If she is standing up, this same scratching will annoy her very quickly, but in this position you can do it quite a while, and even stroke the tummy a little.  She even purrs for you some.  She’s trying!

After Davout came in, Rhea came in too.  She’s not really in the best position if Anna did attack, since the way out is to her left and Anna could cut her off and trap her by the hinges.  The kittens were polite and stayed by the door and Anna showed no interest in the possibility that they might be in.

Davout leads the way back downstairs.

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3 Responses to Box Fort

  1. These are all lovely photos. Rhea in the shoebox is adorable. Thank you for keeping us updated on Anna’s progress.

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  2. Marc-André says:

    LOL! Yep ours love shoe boxes too. 🙂

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