Crazy Night

Anna is off her medication and it was another open door day.  What made it a little different was for the first time in a long time the TV was on with a loud sports game with a loud Oldcat watching.

By the end of the game the upstairs as far from the bustle as possible was the place to be.

The post-game treats brought Davout out from under the bed.

Anna was in her room and ready for some action.

Although this move made her think.  I came back a few minutes later and the cord was still there so I took it off.

A bit later, as I was making this up Anna came all the way downstairs and went exploring. Things went pretty well until she went into the kitchen and the two kittens followed her around the island in two directions and surrounded her.  There was an explosion of cat noise leaving Davout halfway upstairs, Anna in a cabinet the kittens had left open and Rhea puffed up in front.

When I moved Rhea out of the way Anna came out and decided to return upstairs to her safe room but Davout was afraid to keep walking and Rhea was trailing behind so there was a second noisy incident on the stairs.  I had to move Rhea away and get between Anna and Davout so he could run back under the bed and let her return to her home base.

There was a lot of careful exploring by the two kittens after that to make sure Anna isn’t hiding in a corner somewhere but they have settled down.  The kittens aren’t intentionally starting things, but their natural desire to follow Anna around tends to lead to them pinning her between them.

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4 Responses to Crazy Night

  1. Anna’s eye is looking really good. She’s such a pretty girl. it’s good to see her exploring so much! Of course the kittens are curious, they are cats after all, lol! I hope they all become friends soon, the sweethearts.

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    • Oldcat says:

      As I’ve said a few times, this time in the Integration is familiar. Calla used to chase the boys out of the whole upstairs! It passed in a few days then. In most ways Anna is ahead of that pace.


  2. weggieboy says:

    Whew! Some drama at your home! Anyway, good to see Anna’s eye looking so good and knowing the kittens are still making efforts to get to know this new member of the Oldcat family!

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  3. Anne d says:

    Her eyes look so much better.


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