No Pressure

Another day with the cats out and about.  Anna came down for a tour but went back upstairs without incident.  Rhea was creeping after her much of the time on the way back.

I got a package from the vet’s…I thought it was some cat toys like last year but instead it was a set of cat coasters…or very small mouse pads.  Pretty cool!

Anna found a nice niche to hide in the office right by one of the water fountains.  It’s a bit tricky under all the furniture to get a shot of it.  The camera gives it almost a soft focus trying to get more light.

These soft shots tend to do well when cranked up in HDR-ish mode in Picasa…it looks like an Impressionist painting!  The effect brings out the texture in the wall too.

Soon we had a little visitor….

Something nice happened last night and this morning.  Davout jumped up onto the bed to hang out with me.  When Julie was alive, he would lead me upstairs to the bed and Davout would follow him most of the time and jump on there too.  He hadn’t done it since until yesterday.

Rhea must have heard too…

Because just after this she barges into the room too!

Anna gave her some warning hisses to make Rhea keep her distance.  She did, but it didn’t make her run away.


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3 Responses to No Pressure

  1. Aw, good for Davout!
    I love that soft picture of Anna, she has gorgeous eyes!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marc-André says:

    Those coasters are cute!!! 🙂


  3. weggieboy says:

    You got some really sweet shots of your cats today! I especially like Davout peeking, Rhea looking a bit ornery (top photo), and the Anna photo transformed into an Impressionistic masterpiece!


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