Open Doors

Sorry about the early post.  I’m not sure how it got posted like that.

It is a strange mix of no news and news.  The news is that on Christmas Eve night I kept Anna’s door open all night just to see what would happen.  This wasn’t too likely to cause issues since the kittens don’t spend all night in and around my bedroom, although they do often come in when the alarm goes off.

That night I did wake up in the middle of the night and Anna was sleeping on the floor by the side of the bed and dodged away.  She then kept me company.  Later that night there was a small hissing incident.  There wasn’t any last night that I heard.

Anna hasn’t come downstairs recently, preferring to find new spots to sit upstairs while also visiting some of the old favorites.  She seems to like to crash the afternoon away in one spot as often as not, but other times she will shift spots every so often.

The kittens don’t seem as relentless about following her about when I’m not with Anna.  I do sometimes see them poke around the closet in my room where she likes to sleep but I don’t hear much noise.  Either the kittens are learning the distance for hissing or Anna is less reactive.

I heard Davout meeping in the bathroom this morning and picked him up and peeked him around the corner of the closet where Anna was resting.  She didn’t hiss at him just meowed at him.  I don’t know if he was in visual range with her before.

Otherwise it hasn’t been an exciting day, which suits us all fine.

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3 Responses to Open Doors

  1. pilch92 says:

    I am glad Anna is getting adjusted. They are all such cuties.


  2. Thank you for keeping us updated. I hope that once Anna and the kittens become used to each other they will become the best of friends.


  3. Sounds like they’re adjusting just fine! Hope you all had a Pawsome Christmas!🌹


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