Seeing is Believing

Anna Asleep

Another day, another chance to see conficts between Anna and the kittens.  And even when I don’t go downstairs a lot, dragging the kittens with me the two sides seem to be able to settle their differences.

We already see that these days Anna is content with her room and part of the master bathroom and closet as her turf.  To move between the two Anna would need to pass down a hallway that the kittens sometimes sit in.

Big Eyed Girl

Once today I went into Anna’s room and found her by the window, and Davout and Rhea were sitting just below her place atop the shelving.  Anna did not seem to mind them at all.

Airplane Ears Davout

Today I saw Anna run into Davout in this path.  Davout hunkered down flat and eventually Anna moved right past him to her room while he waited.  So as long as she does not feel trapped she isn’t likely to escalate to a fight.

Tired Anna

Since there are no litter boxes in the master bedroom I’d like her to be able to pass freely out of there.  So far it seems her hissing will make the kittens give ground.

Pretty Girl

Rhea will often follow right behind Anna as she walks by.  This could cause trouble but most of the time  Anna doesn’t seem to mind her little shadow cat.

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5 Responses to Seeing is Believing

  1. I bet Anna being bigger than the kittens gives her a little confidence. She’s a full size kitty, right? I’m glad they are all coexisting mostly peacefully for you!

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  2. I hope everything settles down soon and all can get along. I’ve often wondered what would happen if I were to bring a third cat into the house. Truffle and Brulee both have such set routines and limits in the house and each appears to understand them.

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    • Oldcat says:

      Cats are set in their ways and so are us cat people, but that doesn’t mean that a little change isn’t a good thing for us all. These things work out for the most part after a short adjustment period and the new cat becomes part of the routines too. I’ve done quite a few of these in my life and all of them worked out to at least a working tolerance if not more.

      And with Truffle and Brulee both being Persians they probably won’t go out of their way to start things with a third cat.


  3. sunsetdragon says:

    I love the looks Rhea gets on her face. She is so expressive.


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